A week of introductions and observation in the classroom has quickly turned into teaching lessons on popular occupations and possessive pronouns. At least I had (almost) an entire day to get my bearings straight.

My co-teachers and I are beginning to find a rhythm to our collaboration, students have truly impressed me with their English language comprehension, and I continue to learn a lot in and out of school.

Tonight a special meal was had in honor of a staff member's last day. Most other teachers were present, so it was the first opportunity I had to formally introduce myself.

The room seemed quite impressed with my ability to say annyeonghaseyo and bow at the same time. That's about all I can do at this point. But, I am getting better at knowing which type of bow to use when.

Dinner was a flavorful boiling pot of seafood called gangnam dongtaejjim. I went for the squid and picked at some shrimp. How anyone eats shrimp in the shell with chopsticks is beyond me. I desperately wanted to, but simply could not figure out how.

Most of what was in the hot pot looked too difficult to eat. So, I went for the beondegi (silkworm pupae) instead. Easy. Squishy. Earthy. Spicy.

I opted out of going to a second place after dinner. I am not quite ready to drink soju and sing karaoke with my principal, at least not after the second day of school. Last time I "noreabanged-it", I got a little out-of-control. God only knows what will happen the next. From what I hear, my principal really, really likes karaoke. I think we might end up fighting over the microphone.

I can already tell it is going to be a good year.


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