I literally hid in my apartment all weekend. Besides venturing out to get water, instant coffee and cheese, I stayed inside with the door locked, windows closed and blinds down. It was exactly what I needed to rejuvenate before the first day of school.

I can't think of the last time I was alone or managed to get a full night of sleep. The weeks before departing the United States were a blur, and EPIK’s training was a whirlwind. I needed at least one weekend to rest and restore.

Communicating here is going to be exhausting until I learn more Korean. Admittedly, part of the reason I locked myself away was so I didn't have to deal with the language barrier just yet. Apparently, I'd rather live off a jar of peanut butter, some chocolate I found in the fridge, and boil tap water to drink than walk a few blocks to a convenience store.

Being away from Internet access for a few daysprobably the longest I've gone without the World Wide Web since living in Guyana, South Americahas also been refreshing. To be honest, I haven't really missed it. Instead of checking Facebook every five minutes, I cleaned, unpacked and settled into my new place.

I can only imagine what wildness tomorrow will bring. Bibong Elementary looks so peaceful from my third-floor studio view. I live kitty-corner from the school I'll be teaching at this year. In fact, one of my students lives right next door!

I better get some more rest. Not sure when I'll have the opportunity to hide again. Thanks to this relaxing weekend, I'm prepared to bow, smile and wave my way through meeting around 1,200 students and 50 staff members this week. Wish me luck!


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