Everything is sweeter here. In fact, I’m having trouble finding anything unsweetened. Sugar-free gum and/or mints seem rare. Most types of coffee drinks come extra sweet. Even the chips I had the other night were sprinkled in sugar. I can feel my teeth rotting.

Since South Korea’s already pretty sweet, I don’t imagine I’ll have to sugarcoat anything about my experience here. And although I prefer a savory experience to sweet, I’m convinced accepting this teaching position was the best decision I’ve ever made. Period.

Joining the English Program in Korea (EPIK) has brought into focus a much clearer image for my future. I’m passionate about teaching. I’m addicted to traveling. I’m in need of money. Honey, there's no better way to accomplish all three.

Please consider teaching overseas. Check out Greenheart Travel, as well as EPIK for more information. I’m staying indefinitely. Perhaps I’ll still be here when you come. Sweetness awaits you in South Korea!


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