My name is Chase, and I am a perfectionist. In everything I do. I have been this way for as long as I remember. Most of you reading this post can probably relate. After all, I only have perfect friends. Just kidding, of course. All of us have flaws. Life is a bit rough around the edges. And that is okay. Let go.

My experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guyana, South America, taught me how to identify and make the best of circumstances beyond my control. I simply did not have access to resources, or the means to support perfectionism. Some days I did not even have electricity. Most days there was at least one computer to instruct Information Technology. Every day I had to plan for rain.

The opposite is true for Korea.

Here I have access to an abundance of teaching tools, and all the latest technology. Due to this fact, over the past few weeks my obsessive compulsiveness has flared. I found myself spending hours trying to tweak a lesson plan, or edit a PowerPoint presentation. Thankfully, I have since thrown this approach out the window. Hopefully it got run over by a school bus as well.

There simply is not enough time to make every lesson perfect, let alone all the presentations I use. That is okay. I am learning to let go. Again. More importantly is how I use the visuals, and whether students are enjoying, learning. It seems they are!

Although most free PowerPoint presentations I find online still make me cringe, I am thankful for them. Keyword here is ‘free’, and I could not do my job without them. However, kindly allow me to vent a bit. Many are prime examples of bad page layout and design, which makes them the only perfect aspect of my life at the moment in a perfectly bad sort of way. Ugh.

Is it really that hard to align text and/or center objects? Come on, people. Stop with the animated transitions already!

Pause. Deep breathe. In. Out. Thank you.

Rough edges make life more fun. I am trying to free myself from feeling the need to change everything. I might make a few edits here and there, but for the most part I have stopped stressing over every detail. That is okay. Letting go feels good.


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