Tonight I had the privilege to giggle with a gaggle of other Guest English Teachers (GETs) in Ochang. It's amazing how connected I already feel to this group of waygooks (foreigners).

We met for coffee at Caffé Bene. With its chic interior, Caffé Bene offers a variety of gelato, delicious lattes and refreshing smoothies. It's a Korean chain, one I'll surely frequent during my time here.

It was fun to swap stories, ask questions and learn about what my fellow teachers are doing. Some are new like me, others have been here a few months and one is about to leave.

Most work at for-profit institutions called hagwons. Korean students work very hard to prepare for college. Many attend private English, math and/or science lessons after school.

I was surprised to learn several other GETs had already heard about me from a few of my students who attend their private lessons. Just goes to show how truly connected we are!

It felt good to giggle. I look forward to meeting the "gaggle of waygooks "again soon.


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