Hiding behind a badminton racquet in South Korea.

I had my first training session for badminton this evening. It seems I’ll have to relearn everything, even how to hold a racquet correctly. I knew my form wasn’t right, but I didn’t expect it to be so hard to properly swing. It feels like I’m starting all over again!

I must have looked so awkward and gangly, swinging my racquet this way and that. My instructor speaks only Korean, which makes it even more humorous for all involved. Pretty sure everyone stopped playing just to watch me struggle. Thankfully, one of my English co-teachers translated directions, and bent/forced my arms in place.

Tonight’s experience was good for me. It put me in the place of my students, allowed me to walk in their shoes a bit. Learning something new, in another language, when everyone is watching, is absolutely daunting. But, if they can do it I can too. It’ll take practice and a lot of patience. I’m ready for the challenge of learning to relearn.


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  1. Lenny1:02 PM

    Learning to Relearn. You're perfect to me.

    1. I hope you're continuing to learn and relearn too, Lenny. Miss you!