My life in Korea has been a series of baby steps. With each little waddle I get one wobble closer to something.

Pass me a bib and I’ll gladly make a mess of most situations. Fully processing complex simplicities in life comes from experience, experimentation. Dissecting and ripping things apart is how a baby learns.

Some days I feel like an absolute infant when I have to point, smile and/or laugh to communicate. There’s so much I want to say; however, I can only make noises like a newborn, or rattle off a bunch of choppy English sentences hoping to at least get my point across. Then I get handed a pacifier.

I think it’s important to toddle and topple through every day, approaching life with childlike wonder. If you don’t remember how, put yourself in a new and/or completely foreign situation. Then you'll goo-goo and gaga for everything.


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