I cannot believe how excited Chloe, my main co-teacher, got about a sweet potato. She basically screamed and jumped for joy when I gave her one.

Today I received three boiled sweet potatoes as a gift from another teacher. A teacher I have not met. Chloe was instructed by my secret admirer to give all three sweet potatoes to me, and that she was not allowed to eat any.

I was not exactly interested in eating three sweet potatoes for an afternoon snack, so I wanted to share them with my co-teachers. Chloe was ecstatic and gobbled hers right up. After she screamed and jumped for joy that is.

I truly appreciate Chloe’s pure joy for the simple things in life. Let her joy for a sweet potato be a lesson for us all. Such a small gesture can mean so much for all involved. Find joy in the small, the random.

What is the most random gift you have ever received?


  1. To my 18th birthday I threw a party. Lots of my friends showed up, friends of my friends and just many random people. One of the guys who I probably only saw once or twice before showed up surprisingly enough with a birthday present, but I was mostly surprised to see what the present was: He gave me an electrical raiser AND an electrical toothbrush!!! I wasn't sure what to think of it. Was he trying to tell me that way that I should shave and brush my teeth more often?! Did he robe a pharmacy store??? ...I guess I never will figure it out. :-D. (Not that I didn't use it though. Lol...)

    1. Natalia, thanks for sharing such a funny story! The memory of such gifts we receive will last a lifetime! :)