I've finally realized something most of you have probably known for quite some time. There’s freedom in letting go.

I have amazing friends, family and opportunities that surround my every day. I truly need nothing else. If I die tomorrow, I’d die a happy man. Of course I don’t want to die, but there’s freedom in letting go of the fear of death. If I live every day as best I can, I’ve done all I can. If I love like there’s no tomorrow, I can love no more.

As I’ve been thinking a lot about where and to whom I should invest my efforts, I’ve found such glorious freedom in letting go. It’s a simple formula; really, I don’t know why it took me so long to figure out! If I like someone I should devote my time and effort in them. If someone likes me they should do the same.

It’s a beautiful thing when two people are able to wholeheartedly invest in the pursuit of knowing each other. That doesn’t always happen though. More often than not it seems relationships are one-sided, off balance. When I don’t particularly like someone (in that way), I don’t give them the effort they deserve. Likewise, when someone doesn’t like me, I don’t receive the time I crave and desire. That’s okay!

There’s freedom in letting go. I don’t need to care. All I can do is try. I’ve tried before; I’ll try again. But, if someone isn’t worth the investment, let them go. If someone isn’t giving you what you deserve, let them go. If you’re only holding onto to someone just to be nice, let them go. Set them free and you’ll find freedom.


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