Wall art in a cafe in Insadong, Seoul, South Korea.

Alice. Oh, Alice. She’s a lovely friend I’ve met here in Korea through a mutual friend we share in the States. I have many connections in Korea thanks to connectors. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such an instant network of friends before. Usually, I have to search a little harder to find awesome people like Alice. Oh, Alice.

Almost every amazing person I know seems to know another amazing person who’s been to Korea, is currently in Korea, or would like to come to Korea to teach English. It’s pretty unreal, actually. It makes me feel a part of something bigger. I love making new friends of friends for friends too, which brings me back to Alice.

She’s great. That Alice. And it’s no wonder we’ve bonded so quickly, so deeply. Our connector is someone near and dear to both our hearts. Although we’ve been a part for many years, Rachel is a friend who knew me during some of my rawest moments in life. That’s special to me, so I trust her friendly recommendations completely.

Alice and I spent this afternoon together. It was one of the most random, beautiful days I’ve experienced in Korea so far. Coffee was had. Should you wonder? Sweaty armpits revealed, naturally. At one point about a dozen dogs surrounded us while we sipped herbal teas. Photos were snapped. Can you tell we share a lot in common? Tears shed. Some joyful, others were sorrowful. I ate about 7,000 calories. What else is new?

Alice. Oh, Alice. I appreciate her, our connection and the connector. An afternoon together brought us to the point of understanding each other a little more. It's my desire to bond with others on a deep level. None of this surface stuff allowed. I’m so thankful for people like Alice, willing to open up and share some of their life layers with me. Next time it’s my turn to share more with her.


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