A temple-like structure on top of a mountain near Ochang, South Korea.

An ornate lookout tower on top of a mountain near Ochang, South Korea.
Today I made it to the top of that mountain where the mysterious temple-like structure teased me from afar just three months ago. High above the city I call home it looms, inviting adventure.

Although in sight, it seemed so far away at the time. I could see it, but how would I reach it? Surely there would be many paths to try. Indeed there were. Some trails led to burial sites. Others dead-ended. Many are still unknown. But, I made it. We made it. I achieved my goal in the company of wonderful friends, Erin and Suzette.

The view was clear, beautiful, but we didn’t stay long at the top. I couldn’t feel my hands anymore; the wind was so brisk. My fingers were literally frozen to the point of paralysis. Ask Suzette. She had to help unzip my pants so I could pee! Thanks to my unpreparedness, we bonded even more.

Hiking with foreign friends near Ochang, South Korea.
Hiking with Erin and Suzette near Ochang, Korea.
I’ve reached many mountaintops in life. Some journeys have been solo, which are of utmost importance for intrapersonal growth. However, those adventures hiked alongside others have always been more fun. Life is meant to be lived in community. To be traveled together. I'm glad the temple-like structure on top of a mountain in the distance reminded me.




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