Café aA

Inside Cafe aA in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea.

Coaster at Cafe aA in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea.Located on the first floor of aA Design Museum in the Hongdae area of Seoul, Café aA not only serves stylish comfort, it serves as a center for bringing its vision to life.

"Our main concept is to provide the products, especially furniture that’s hard to find in Korea… All of the furniture, interior items and subsidiary materials displayed at Café aA each contain a unique history to be shared with the people visiting..."

Hongdae is no stranger to foreign flair. A district well known for nocturnal fun, it attracts travelers and Koreans alike. You’ll find Irish pubs, Italian restaurants, dance clubs and trendy boutiques as you zigzag your way about. This lofty warehouse style coffee shop/wine bar/design museum adds perfectly to the neighborhood’s personality.

In addition to providing a cozy atmosphere, Café aA entices guests with a reasonable selection of wines, espresso drinks and decadent desserts. Plenty of staff is available to help dish up a great experience for all.

"...We simply wish that this space becomes a place where people could find the moment of comfort, while sitting on the chairs each full of different stories, created by the masters who represent our times..."

Just like those who enter through its rustic doors, aA’s story is unfinished.

"Our collection is still on the process of updating, and from the first editions of the masters whose masterpieces bloom the flowers of industrial design, to the works of the apprentices in which their design reflect the modern trend, you can enjoy our proud and wide collection without disposition or second opinion..."

Come. Have a seat. Stay awhile. Become part of aA’s history as you share your own story. Try the caramel macchiato. Have a glass of Chardonnay or two. Split the rich chocolate brownie. And be sure to visit one of the showrooms located on the basement levels, or second and third floors.


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