Malbec wine from Homeplus in South Korea.

Just a glass or two of wine helps a day go down. Mary Poppins taught me well.

I’ve avoided purchasing wine in Korea until recently. Why? Mainly because everywhere I go, and everything I do is seen and/or documented by my students. Secondly, I thought it was a lot more expensive than it actually is.

I don’t know what I’d do without a Homeplus in my Korean town. I know the massive superstore makes it into a lot of my posts, but you have to understand I go there all the time. It’s like an event.

Last week I was pleasantly surprised when I ventured into the wine section. Prices are comparable to those in the United States, and a decent selection of both reds and whites is available.

I've learned I’m less likely to cause a scene if I purchase wine late at night. It's not that I'm trying to hide anything from anyone. My students tell me all about their parents' drinking habits all the time (alcohol consumption is a huge part of Korean culture). I'd just rather avoid meeting someone’s family for the first time—while holding a couple bottles of wine.

Sorry I can’t shake your hand, my arms are full of wine.

It’s Monday evening. I have Taekwondo class in a few minutes. But here I am, sipping and slipping away on some Argentine Malbec. Catching up a bit with a friends near and far. Staring at the work I should be doing, but not. I feel more like dancing.

Sometimes just a glass or two of wine helps the day go down. Don’t worry. I’m not resorting to the bottle to solve my problems or anything. I don’t have any real problems to run away from. What I do enjoy is how relaxed I feel after wine. It’s a welcomed pick me up after a long, tiring day. Wouldn’t you agree?

Time to go kick. It’ll be our little secret if I'm a little tipsy in Taekwondo class.


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