I happened upon a table of Koreans. They invited me to stay for a drink. We became instant friends, as is usually the case at any Hongdae style bar in Korea.

It was Alice’s birthday party/going away celebration. We were dancing and drinking it up, Hongdae style in Seoul.

Alice joined my group of new friends. But she was more interested in taking a bite out of someone else’s watermelon. This didn’t go over so well. It ended up with me in between two girls fighting over a slice of watermelon. Typical Hongdae style.

It was getting late. We were hungry. That bite of watermelon wasn’t cutting it. Time to find some Hongdae style street food to devour.

It started to snow! That really pretty type of snow; you know, the light and fluffy and magical kind. Alice and I decided it would be a better idea to lie on the street, Hongdae style, and watch it snow.

A Korean Santa Claus with really nice teeth saved us. In true Hongdae style fashion, he scooped us off the ground with his jolly red and white getup. He could've used a few more pillows for his belly though.

We stumbled into a busy little Hongdae style restaurant. It’s a good thing our server could understand pictures. We drew him a really good one of a mushroom to add to our tteokbokki. It was delicious.

Two other friends joined us for a second round. Somehow I managed to spill tteokbokki all over my coat, pants, shoes and socks. At that point I was really rocking the Hongdae style. At least I didn’t take a bite out of someone else’s watermelon though.

I really love Hongdae style nights. They’re always messy. Life is best lived when mixed with a little drama, a hearty portion of adventure, and messiness with friends.


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