THE HILL: Leave Me Alone

As mentioned in a previous post, I’ve decided my life in this country is like a Korean drama series. Drama in some way, shape and/or form is always present in my life.

The center of my dramatic existence in Korea is The Hill. I have plenty of stories to share about what’s happened on The Hill, as a result of The Hill, revolving around The Hill, and connected to The Hill.

The night was fated to be epic with an all-star cast, a dream team of sorts. We veterans of The Hill, alongside friends, had new cracks and crevices to explore.

It all started at the 711 convenience store, as every good story should. A beacon of hope in the night, this is the location we often meet. Next we crashed a birthday party on the 7th floor of a building across the street. But, we didn’t stay long. It felt awkward, and the bewitching hours were upon us.

We bewitched-it-up on the stoop of some random convenience store at the top of The Hill. It was the perfect place to overlook the scene. We planned and plotted the evening’s shenanigans as we drank Powerade, orange juice and iced tea like good little boys and girls.

Just that afternoon I thought about how I should never wander far from The Hill’s protection. Who knows what lurks up and down seedy side streets nearby. I remembered this thought when I found myself lurking up a seedy side street.

Holding hands with two friends, I walked up a really dark, scary set of stairs. The scene was straight out of a horror movie. Doors to abandoned-looking buildings left open, screaming danger. I wanted out of there! But, my friend needed to pee.

After what seemed like the longest pee, ever, we skipped down the stairs quickly, passing only a creepy looking Caucasian man on the way. (They’re always the creepy ones).

At the bottom was a little shop. Inside sat three people around a tiny table. They were drinking, laughing, and obviously having a good time. We could be seen peeping at them from outside, so they invited us in for a drink.

Jay was the shop owner. We learned he was a casual menswear and underwear designer. The bitty showroom displayed some of his creations. Painted and striped underwear, sweaters, t-shirts and accessories hung about the place. It was fun to see and hear his story.

Jay was very friendly, and his collection was quite impressive. What I appreciated most was his self-designed advertising campaign. The look is sexy, yet playful, and stylishly comfortable. He spoke English well, so we chatted about concepts.

Soon the room overflowed with our rowdy group. That was a cue to leave. The night was still young. Many hours of dancing were yet to be enjoyed. We thanked Jay and his friends for their hospitality, assuring them we’d be back another time.

While walking down The Hill, I thought a lot about what had just happened. Sometimes venturing up seedy side streets isn’t a bad thing. They may lead to precious gems like Jay’s underwear. Whoops! I mean, Jay's undwear shop: Leave Me Alone.

The Hill (and life) is full of such cracks and crevices just waiting to be explored. What are you waiting for? This concludes another segment of my dramatic (add fantastically random) Korean life. Stay tuned for more adventures of The Hill. What or who shall I stumble upon next?


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