My Taekwondo studio has moved locations to across the street and up one floor. The new space has an indoor, mini soccer field, and around six basketball hoops. Taekwondo has quickly become my favorite activity. I love to play games! And always will.

Something you should know about me is I’m fiercely competitive when it comes to pointless activities. Winning stuffed animals at some trashy amusement park is the perfect example. I get really addicted to nearly impossible games to win, and can’t stop until I do. I once spent nearly $50 (USD) to score a giant, stuffed pink pig at Adventureland in Des Moines, Iowa. I still have that stupid thing.

Something else you should know about me is I don’t let kids win. In fact, I really enjoy beating kids in games. As a reward during a time of transition, our Taekwondo Master let us play games the past two class sessions. On Monday I joined many of my students in a game of soccer. I’m terrible at soccer. But, long arms and legs are an advantage when it comes to competing against children.

Last night many of us played basketball. Of course I used my height and (not so) amazing skills to spike and slap that ball away from nearly every kid that attempted to do anything with it. I even schooled my Master.

I do look out for the little ones; however, those a bit too young, too short and/or too slow to be included by their peers. I ensure they get a chance to play, to have the ball. When I snatch it away from the bigger, faster and/or older kids, I pass it off to my little friends. It brings me great joy to facilitate this kind of play.

To play does a mind, body and soul good. Always choose to play. Don’t sit out. Approach life with playfulness in all you do. If you don’t think you’re good enough to play, find a bunch of kids to compete against. That always makes me feel like I’m way better than I actually am.


  1. Haha! I love that you don't let kids win. I don't either. I always tell them I'm an honest person, which means I won't lie, I won't cheat, and I won't let them win, which means if that if they do win, they did it all. Besides, games are full of teaching moments...especially when the kid is losing ;)

    1. You are so, so right. Thank you for justifying my ways! Now every time I feel a little bad about not letting kids win, I'm going to remember what you said. Thanks, again, Rena!