I walked with only the essentials. Hairspray, pomade, and mints. It was bound to be a good night.

The Chungcheongbuk-do Office of Education held its annual End of the Year Holiday Banquet for all Guest English Teachers (GETs) in the area. The event took place at Sun Plaza in Cheongju. It included several speeches, a toast, a huge buffet, an orchestra, and even a singing contest.

I happened to win the singing contest. Did my own little rendition of My Heart Will Go On. Pretty sure the scene toward the end of my performance is what won it. The prize was ₩100,000 in gift certificates. I look forward to spending them with friends who inspired the routine.

Do you think I should go on tour? Korea probably needs a little more Celine Dion. Even if sung by a tall, blonde, Caucasian man. All I have to do is keep a little Asian woman around for my dancing partner. And find some sequins. Sequins always make everything better.


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