Sock puppets made by elementary students for Winter English Camp at Bibong Elementary in Ochang, South Korea

A paper hamburger made by elementary students for a puppet show in Ochang, South Korea
I tried to keep my students on task but failed. There’s no stopping creativity.

They wanted more time to make props for puppet shows, not to mention write extra, new scripts. Are they for real? Do I have the best students in Korea? Pretty sure I do.

I didn’t even think they would want to do a sock puppet show. Now, they were requesting extra class time to prepare. How could I not give it to them? All I could do was ditch the lesson plan, and allow them more time to create.

My students, and their collective imagination, continually amaze me. The puppet shows went better than expected. What was meant to be a simple activity to practice speaking English turned out to be an elaborate learning experience for all involved.


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