Tea and raspberry cheesecake at a cafe near Hongdae in Seoul, South Korea.

Live in the moment because it’s what you have. You don’t have tomorrow, yet. You no longer have yesterday. It seems so simple, doesn’t it? It’s an ageless, timeless tale. So, why is it so difficult for us to grasp? Take a moment.

This weekend while sipping wine after a long day of shopping with Bethany, a wonderful friend in Korea, we mulled over this very concept as the tannins of a very sweet Malbec danced in our heads. The key to life is living in the moment. The key!

The next day I had the privilege to catch up with my good friend, HyeJin, over fried Korean delicacies and beer, followed by tea and raspberry cheesecake. Type about living in the moment... The topic of our conversation also happened to be what it means to live for right now.

There’s a reason for that. I needed a reminder this weekend. I needed to be told. I needed to share. I’m not alone in my struggle to cease the day, to live for the moment. Neither are you.

Invest in what surrounds you. Define your moments. It doesn’t mean to disregard or let go of the past. The past is part of you. It has shaped who you are at this exact time. Acknowledge how it has created you, but don’t stop there. Don’t get stuck. Allow the past to help you focus on who you are in the present, and be thankful for it now. Not tomorrow.

The future is also part of what surrounds you. Don’t be fooled by people who tell you it isn’t. Of course it is, and it very well should be. What you do now impacts your next step. That’s why the future is part of every moment—today.

Do what you love, every chance you get. Don’t push aside what surrounds you; the things that bring you joy in the present. One day you’ll wonder why you did, and regret the years you left everything and everyone in the moment. At that point you’ll realize life is simply moments shaped by our past. Like now. Like tomorrow. Like every other moment.

Take a moment to live presently.




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    Take a moment with people who are Chinese/Jewish

    1. We had our moment, and I'm so glad we did.