Maeil peanut-flavored soy milk in South Korea.

She waited for me after yoga class. I took my time getting dressed, as I didn’t know anyone was waiting.

As soon as I left the building, someone shouted my name. It was my yoga instructor. She had something in her hands to give me. It was a warm bottle of some peanut-flavored drink.

“Two for one,” she said with a smirk as I accepted her gift with two hands.

‘Two for one’ is the term Koreans use for, “buy two get one free”.

I laughed and simply said, “See you tomorrow.”

I adore my yoga instructor. We haven’t had a lot of interaction outside of class, but I hope to change that soon.

The creamy peanut concoction kept me warm on my walk home. It also brought back the taste of a favorite beverage of mine from Guyana, South America. Peanut Punch. For a few moments I felt like I was floating.

What I appreciate most about my yoga instructor is her sense of humor. Often in the middle of class she’ll burst out laughing, then cover her face in shame. This causes a chain reaction, and makes me laugh uncontrollably too. Thankfully it doesn't take her long to regain focus, as we’re lost without her leadership.

I also appreciate her blunt personality. It's not rude, just to the point. She says what’s on her mind, doesn't seem to bother with the small stuff. And she always makes fun of my inability to do the splits or touch my toes. Somehow everyone else in class can. I blame it on my ethnicity.

I really look forward to my yoga/more-like-dance classes. Posing to the beat of classics such as, Hit Me Baby One More Time, Wind Beneath My Wings, and ABBA just makes my day. I also look forward to furthering a friendship with my yoga instructor.


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