Around 100 elementary students from Cheongwon, South Korea, going to Australia or New Zealand in 2012.

For the past few days I helped prepare about 100 students from four area elementary schools for a trip to Australia or New Zealand. A few were from my school, so it was fun to reconnect with them over break.

The trip is part of an exchange program. These Korean students will spend three weeks living with host-families, and attending classes for a full cultural immersion experience. What a fantastic opportunity for them! And at such a young age. So glad I got to be a part. The Land Down Under was also my first overseas experience.

During our three-day workshop, I facilitated classes focusing on asking permission, dialogue to use to describe sicknesses, and writing travel journals. Other topics included etiquette, emergencies, shopping and money, as well as classroom English.

I am thankful for chances to do some extra work during my school’s holiday break. Instead of gallivanting off to exotic places like most of my fellow Guest English Teachers, I am staying in Korea to work. Not the best way to spend vacation, but every day feels kind of like vacation for me.

Next week I will conduct evening workshops concentrating on public speaking/radio broadcasting for a group of advanced eighth grade students. It will be my first time teaching Korean middle school children. I am excited and nervous, but looking forward to partnering with Chungbuk Foreign Language Institute for Students (CBFLIS).


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