I came prepared to teach today. Wasn’t sure if I’d need to, but it’s always best to have a plan. The next week or two of classes are sort of random. We’re in this limbo period, between semesters, but students come back to prepare for graduation and such. Then we’ll have spring break before the next semester begins. I’m kind of confused.

After some clarification, I was asked to instruct a few lessons here and there. But, then the roof of our English classroom leaked water, and that class was canceled for today. Someone’s mother died, so another class was canceled for today. My third and sixth grade classes were also canceled for whatever reason. So, I didn’t actually teach. Today.

All this has been pleasantly reminiscent of my days as a Peace Corps Volunteer, which makes me feel right at home amidst the chaos. I wonder what tomorrow will bring. I know the end of the week I’m facilitating a mini English camp for after school classes. Surprise! That plan was just made up today. I love it!


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