A container of pickles from Domino's in South Korea.

I started off the morning with a burger from Lotteria (Korean version of McDonald’s), so I just sort of binged all day. Not out of pity or sorrow, but just because.

I ate chocolates, almost an entire pizza, more chocolates, even had a Pepsi. And just when I thought my ravenous afternoon rampage was over, a girl at the grocery store gave me a chocolate bar. So, I ate that too.

I had a bag of chips after shoving five containers of pickles in my face for dinner. Many bowls of cereal were consumed after. Then I ditched milk for cream cheese. Dried cereal lathered in cream cheese is really good.

After my absolutely out-of-control eating spree, I decided I should eat something healthy. So, I ate two oranges, a banana and a salad. Happy Valentine’s Day to me! I want ice cream.


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