Contrary to what most people seem to believe, I think being single is okay.

This doesn’t mean I’m against marrying, or having a family. Marriage is a beautiful promise, and I hope to have kids someday. Maybe.

However, life is best lived in community. Period. You don't have to be in any sort of romantic relationship to fit in, or even have a family.

I know wherever I go I’m loved. And I’ll always find love wherever I go. Love isn’t something I run from, or am afraid of. I can only wonder what it’s like to feel unloved.

The only Valentine I received this year was from Julia, one of my students. She gave me a homemade chocolate. Her simple, kind gesture was all I needed to feel loved on lover’s day.

Of course I want a life partner. I’m sick of dating, but I’m not ready to settle just yet.

For those of you who struggle with your often-frowned-upon status, don’t. Be proud to be solo. Make a statement with your singleness. I guarantee someone will want what you’ve got. But, it's only sexy if you rock it.

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