Chungbuk Foreign Language Institute for Students (CBFLIS) near Jincheon, South Korea.

I just completed my last of three public speaking/radio broadcasting sessions at Chungbuk Foreign Language Institute for Students (CBFLIS). I was so impressed with the program and facilities, but even more impressed with my 60 advanced and motivated eighth graders, selected from various schools throughout our province.

I didn’t have a co-teacher. And I didn’t have to discipline once. They were so polite and engaged. They fully participated in all activities, and I was able to have complete conversations with them. What a positive first experience teaching Korean middle school students! After classes I even felt a genuine tug at my heart, knowing I may never get to see them again. I hope I’ll forever be a little ripple in the river of their lives, as they will be in mine.

Outside CBFLIS is a beautiful river with a mountainous view. The center for English immersion is literally in the middle of nowhere, Korea. I’m not sure what the qualifications are to work at such a place, but I have several connections, and have made a great first impression. If a chance to work there opens, I may just apply. Opportunities abound!

It was so fun to teach about public speaking and radio broadcasting again. Two of my passions in life. Teaching about something you love, while doing something you love, truly makes a difference. Teach passion.


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