Winter and sunshine at Beopjusa Temple near Boeun, South Korea.

A traditional Korean meal with many side dishes.Today was a teacher field trip, and it was so wonderful to see nearly 60 of my colleagues after a long break apart. School goes back in session tomorrow. What better day to have an outing than right before the craziness begins?

All I was told before the trip was that I’d be going to a mountain. And what time to meet. I feel like I’m told I’ll be going to a mountain often in Korea. At least this time we'd actually go to a mountain.

A bowl of dongdongju (Korean rice wine) in South Korea.
Enjoying dongdongju on our staff field trip.
The chilly adventure included a short hike to beautiful Beopjusa Temple, with one of the biggest Buddha statues in Korea/the world, and a trek to eat mushroom stew and drink dongdongju (Korean rice wine). 

We also stopped at a Hanok Village (traditional Korean village) for a quick tour. I was lucky enough to be targeted by the seemingly drunk guide/housekeeper. Then we ate again. No more than two hours after gorging on mushroom stew, not to mention all the snacks we had on the bus.

At 6PM I arrived home completely stuffed, a little tipsy, really tired, and so grateful for the chance to be part of a teacher field trip day in Korea. It was a very full and wonderful cultural experience.


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  1. Hmmm ... what kind of mushrooms did that housekeeper serve you?
    Sound wonderful. Just began studying Buddhism in World Religions with Stross today. Fun!

    1. I'd like to know what Stross thinks of religions around the world, or just religion in general. :)