The first week of this new semester has totally flown by. So much has changed already—for the better. Days have been busy and long. Our English office had a makeover. Everything was everywhere for a while, but now my new co-teachers and I are settled in and functioning as a unit.

With three new co-teachers, comes three new teaching styles I need to adapt to in the classroom. Co-taught lessons have gone really well so far, and I’m already looking forward to what next week will bring. Students seem very happy to see me again, and are warming up quickly to their new Korean English teachers.

My new co-teachers bring added challenge to my work as well. They push me harder than I was being pushed before, and they expect a lot. I like it. Although I miss my former co-teachers very much, I’m thankful for this transition. It serves as a reminder for how far I’ve come, and how much more I can do.

This week I’ve also felt a new sense of pride in my school, in my students, in the English department, and in the job I do. I hold my head higher as I enter each classroom, or walk down every hall. It’s refreshing.

Chatting over coffee and laughter was the perfect way to end our first week together. We discussed project ideas, Korea’s education system, and seemingly everything else in between. I feel absolutely rejuvenated and ready for anything. I even learned how to use the photocopier at my school (which was a very big success).


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