A portrait of a Korean woman in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea.

Affogato at Mellow Chocolate and Coffee Cafe in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea.
I think what I like most about HyeJin is her desire to understand differences. Of course I am also enthralled by her beauty, and completely addicted to her smile.

I try to meet with HyeJin whenever I travel to Seoul. Usually we share a meal, coffee and/or dessert over light conversation and laughter. Today we decided to dig deeper into the good stuff at Mellow Chocolate and Coffee Café.

The tiny coffee shop seems hidden along one of many side streets in the Hongdae area of Seoul. However, the place was abuzz with a constant flow of chatter.

I had espresso served atop two scoops of vanilla ice cream—affogato style. HyeJin went with a fruit smoothie, light on the syrup. We shared a cheese quesadilla (as in I ate five pieces, and HyeJin had one).

Throughout the afternoon we discussed cultural dissimilarities, sexuality, life's circumstances, and seemingly everything else in between. What completely draws me to HyeJin is her open heart and mind. We come from such different backgrounds, yet we share so much in common.

“Thanks for helping me to understand different people, circumstance, and culture,” HyeJin said after our time together, “I think I'm learning a lot by our friendship…”

I am learning a lot from you too, HyeJin. Continue to share your radiance with everyone you meet. You have such a beautiful soul.


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  1. To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries. Flights to Singapore

    1. I'd agree with that statement, but would also add it's about discovering that we're really not that different.