Not long ago I realized I'll never fully know, or even meet nearly seven billion people that share many of the same joys, sorrows, feelings, dreams and hopes as I do. Perhaps this seems like a given, but for me it was a profound realization. Make every interaction count.
Hey Chase, it was nice meeting you yesterday! My friend and I were talking how crazy it was that a chance encounter on the subway could allow me to meet someone who has so much in common...
That’s the message I received after meeting a young man named Trevor on Seoul’s Metro yesterday. Since Seoul has plenty of foreigners, I usually don’t bother or even glance when I see another person that’s different. Like me. However, I felt very drawn to Trevor and his friend. And it was no coincidence.

These 'chance encounters' happen often in my life. Randomly bumping into a stranger, and instantly forming a relationship. Somehow we went from no acknowledgement of each other, to talking about Peace Corps in seconds.

I found out Trevor has been accepted into a Master's International (MI) program. Next September he'll start his education in Denver, and finish his degree after two years of Peace Corps service.

He's from Missouri, so we have the whole Midwestern "fields and fields of corn" thing going for us too. It also means he must have recruited through the Peace Corps Chicago Regional Office, where I worked for a short time as a Recruiter. I may have even handled his file.

I love making these random, but "for a reason" connections. Make every interaction count! You have six-billion-and-something more opportunities to do so. Since Trevor also works as a Guest English Teacher in Korea, we're already planning to get together this coming weekend. I look forward to it.


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