Avocado Bacon Omelet at Harris' Cafe in Seoul, South Korea.

Nice atmosphere. Modern. Supposedly Australian style. Busy. Decent lighting. Great location. Some diversity among customers and menu options. Pay when you order. Not cheap. Not too expensive.

Just don’t get the avocado on your omelet. Mine was appallingly old, tasteless, and crunchy. Avocados are hard to come by in Korea, so if you’re going to entice three out of four people at a table to order the Avocado Bacon Omelet because of this fact, make sure you can meet avocado-deprived expectations. Definitely a let down, but thankfully everything else made up for it. I’d recommend this place, and will definitely go back.

Is it the best? No. It is good? Yes. And so my quest to find the best brunch in South Korea continues.

601-16 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
WEBSITE | 02-512-0542

Sinnonhyeon Station, Line 9, Exit 4 – Walk straight for about a block and turn right. It's on your left.


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