Two Eggs Any Style at Cottage Cafe Borie in Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea.

Iced Americano at Cottage Cafe Borie in Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea.
Part of the reason I like Cottage Cafe Borie so much is because it’s usually not as busy as other restaurants dishing up breakfast for lunch around Seoul. I’ve failed to get into some of the most popular brunch establishments due to demand. And I’m not the type of eater who’s wiling to wait in line for an hour or two just to get pancakes I could probably make better myself. That's why I enjoy stumbling upon restaurants that aren’t necessarily known for brunch.

I’ve been to Cottage Cafe Borie two times. It boasts to serve only the freshest ingredients, and both experiences have been pleasant. Although, the first time I went, their coffee machine was broken. That’s like running out of eggs for an omelet, so I was quite disappointed. However, I was pleased to be presented with an iced Americano on my second visit.

The bistro-style place is relatively small, but I’ve never had a problem getting a seat right away. It's kept abuzz with a steady flow of diners, but doesn’t appear too chaotic. And you won’t feel rushed to get in and out, even though it's located just off to the side of one of the busiest restaurant strips in Itaewon. A quaint inside seating area with an open kitchen welcomes you, as well as two weatherproof patios with plenty of beautiful, natural light.

Classie Eggs Benedict at Cafe Borie in Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea.
Classie Eggs Benedict at Cafe Borie in Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea.
My favorite brunch item on the menu also happens to be the cheapest. For about 13 bucks you can get the “American Breakfast” which is two eggs any style served with home fries, a sausage, cured Canadian bacon, a side salad, and an Americano. It’s filling, but not too heavy. I’ve tried the Classic Benedict as well. Both options are worth ordering; however, next time I’d like to have the Brioche French Toast with Fresh Fruits.

Is it the best? Could be. It is good? Better than good. My quest to find the best brunch in Korea continues, but I'll definitely be back to Cottage Cafe Borie for more brunch, and to try their fish and chips. Borie is better known for its seafood. The fish and chips smelled so amazing I was tempted to stay for dinner!

118-23 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
WEBSITE | 02-6012-3383

Itaewon Station, Line 6, Exit 1 – Walk straight for about two blocks and turn right. It's in an area with several new restaurants, pubs, and cafes.

Brunch is served from 11AM to 2:30PM.


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