Have I mentioned how fortunate I feel to be part of EPIK (English Program in Korea)? Cheers to EPIK!

Orientation has been well organized and extremely relevant. Best part is I’m mixed with hundreds of teachers from all over the world for about ten days at Jeonju University, South Korea. Apart from an awkward encounter on the X-Ray bus (involving me taking off my shirt and squatting) during medical testing, everything has been fantastic.

Our opening ceremony included a colorful fan dance, a traditional samulnori percussion ensemble, a drum and dance performance and a very impressive Taekwondo presentation (which made me cry it was so beautiful).

The food has been nothing but delectable, as I knew it would be. In fact, I can’t stop eating. What else is new? Surprisingly, the only thing I haven’t liked as much as expected is kimchi. I know I’ve disappointed about three of you reading this, but at least I'm willing to give it another chance.

K-Pop (Korean Pop Music) has been introduced to my vocabulary and musical taste. It’s almost like a mix of 90s and techno (two of my favorite music genres). Naturally, I’m already obsessed and researching as many artists as possible. Since it’s a really big part of Korean culture, I’ll be plotting ways to incorporate K-Pop into lesson plans.

We had a special dinner to end our first full day of orientation. Staff passed around Cass, one of South Korea’s most popular rice beers, made by Oriental Brewery (OB). After everyone had a can, we toasted to our adventures ahead.

I'm really looking forward to what's ahead. Cheers to EPIK!


  1. how fitting that the back-up dancer is wearing a derrick rose jersey!

    1. How fitting indeed! So much just fits here. In a good way. :)

    2. PS: Good eye!


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