A colorful street in Seoul, South Korea.

I’m absolutely enthralled with Seoul, South Korea.

It’s like New York City, but not. It’s similar to Hong Kong, but not. It’s Korean, but not. It’s Seoul. And there’s no other place I’ve crushed on as hard or fast. Call it a dirty affair I don’t care. I’m in love with Seoul.

Greater Seoul has the world’s second largest metropolis area. With a population of nearly 25 million, you not only feel its pulse—you see it too.

A reflection of Seoul at Namsan Seoul Tower, South Korea.
A reflection of Seoul at N. Seoul Tower. September, 2011.
Yes! Seoul is alive and well, beating to the tune of modernity and flirtatious trends. You’ll be powerless to its grandeur. Of this I’m sure.

My infatuation is tangled in cute caf├ęs and hillside restaurants, twisted around open markets and backpacker districts, tunneled through pristine metro systems and shabby side streets.

In these side streets I fell most in love with the city. Seoul’s trashy, beautiful and secretive details are seductive.

I look forward to visiting my lover often, as only a quick bus ride keeps us apart. Nowhere else have I been punched, hugged, choked and kissed on the same night. Call it a dirty love affair I don’t care. I’m in love with Seoul, South Korea.


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