Photocopier with instructions in Korean only.

Sometimes in life you just have one of those days.

Sometimes in life people steal your bank account information and go on shopping sprees at Victora’s Secret and Bloomingdale’s. Sometimes in life you’re stuck on the phone with your bank in the United States at 3AM from Korea. Sometimes in life your bank thinks you’re suspicious because your address on file isn’t actually your address, and you can’t provide a phone number to be reached at because you don’t live in the country anymore.

Sometimes in life you have to teach a full day of classes after barely sleeping. Sometimes in life your students are really great. Sometimes in life your students are really rambunctious and downright rude. Sometimes in life you literally shiver because there’s no heat in your office in the middle of winter. Sometimes in life you meet a very important person before realizing black marker is smudged all over your face. 

Sometimes in life your only option for lunch is fish eggs wrapped in intestines. Sometimes in life you know you're eating some type of organ, but you just down it with a smile because people are watching and waiting for your reaction. Sometimes in life you just pretend what you’re eating is really good, or is something completely different than what you’re actually putting in your mouth. Sometimes in life you’re thankful for food no matter what the texture or taste may be.

Sometimes in life you can’t figure out how to use a photocopier because all the instructions and buttons are written in Korean. Sometimes in life you just have to press buttons and see what happens. Sometimes in life when you just press buttons nothing happens. Sometimes in life you need help from others. Sometimes in life you need to ask for help again and again because you can’t remember what you were just shown to do because the buttons and instructions are still in Korean.

Sometimes in life you just have one of those days. Sometimes in life all you can do is laugh at it, and yourself. Sometimes in life.


  1. Rachel Miller12:23 AM

    Sometimes in life you're lucky enough to meet and be friends with one of the coolest people in this big ol wide world!!! Xoxo

    1. Rachel, I hope you know how much I adore you. When will I ever see you again? Come back to Korea!

  2. Sometimes in life you read a blog and smile because thinking of the one who wrote it always makes you smile. Here's to brighter days.

    1. Joy, I can't tell you the amount of times you've encouraged or inspired me, especially on the bad days! THANK YOU!


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