I’m so glad to have talented and motivated co-teachers. It makes the biggest difference. All three of them are very professional, and genuinely care about the well being of students. Our work environment is friendly, and we have so much fun together during class, at lunch, and/or while planning.

I’m especially grateful for my main co-teacher. Her English name is Catherine, but most of the students call her “Cat Teacher.” Some also refer to her as “Meow, Meow Teacher", which makes me laugh a lot.

‘Cat Teacher’ and I are most similar. We have the same sort of work ethic, and often come up with comparable ideas for class. Most importantly, the students respond well to her, and I’ve been highly impressed with her teaching style.

Something else I really appreciate about my co-teachers is there willingness to actively participate in lessons. They’ve also provided a lot of positive feedback, and have helped me come up with ways to improve activities.

This afternoon 'Cat Teacher' and I were dreaming about the future. Both of us want to enter teaching contests because we’re overachievers. We also plan to make music videos for class. In them we’ll be singing and dancing to English expressions. I couldn’t be happier.

“Today, I was happy because of you,” she said.

I told her I felt the same way about her, and asked if she knew what the word ‘collaborate’ meant. We talked about the importance of collaboration, and how well we’ve been working together.

When I got home, I received the following text message:

could u let me know the word that u told me… I don't know the meaning of that…pronunciation is like this ‘klevorate’… can u spell that for me?
It meant so much to know she was still thinking about what we discussed earlier.

‘Klevorate’ or collaborate. It doesn’t matter. We’re doing it. Co-teaching is a joint effort. It takes building relationships. Teamwork. Cooperation. I’m blessed to have co-teachers that understand this concept. They know how important it is to work together in order to succeed. This is going to be an incredible school year.