I think Tuesdays are my “off days”. The day everything seemingly goes wrong in a week. Good thing I like messes.

Last Tuesday was filled with tears from the start. One of my co-teachers was upset about something. Students were sick. I was sick. Then I served the ball right into the back of my principal during our “mandatory” staff volleyball match after school. Not over the net. Not high enough to hit the ceiling. Not wildly out-of-bounds. No. It was a direct hit. Thankfully, he laughed.

Tuesdays also happen to be one of my longest days. Usually I’m only at my desk for a few minutes. In between classes and/or during lunch, I’m running around cutting, editing, copying, and/or pasting to prepare for lessons.

Today, some of my students cried during class. More students were sick. I’m still sick. I had to help break apart two boys fighting in the hall. And we had technical difficulties with a computer and projector in the English classroom. It’s always a scramble to rearrange a lesson on the spot. I ended up standing on a chair, which made everything better.

I actually appreciate ‘off days’. They make the good days seem even better, and I learn so much about how to react in certain situations.

Even on the bad days I remain thankful for this opportunity. There’s no other place I’d rather be. No other job I’d rather have. And I wouldn’t want what happens from day to day to happen any other way. Life is meant to be messy! Dig in and get dirty.


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