Why not go on a bike ride with friends across Korean countryside at 3:30AM? Especially if the bike path is lit by little green lights along the edges. Feels kind of like an airport runway, minus everything but the green lights.

Tonight was glorious, probably one of my favorite evenings in Korea so far. I got to spend quality time with two friends nearing the end of their adventure here.

Callie and I biked from Ochang to Cheongju (about 15 km) on a beautiful, new path, to meet Ryan for dinner. I’m suddenly obsessed with this bike trail that runs along a river, and can’t wait to use it often (as soon as I get a bike).

I met new friends over Indian food and beer. We had coffee next. And after hiding little treasures around the cafe, we decided it would be a good idea to shoot off fireworks from an open field on a university’s campus. Turns out it was definitely a good idea.

All the smoke and fire made us crave something more. Like hookah. We made our way to Ethnic Bar for two rounds of hookah, a couple of cocktails, and plenty of Disney songs and banter. But, not before hitting up some claw machines in Chungdae Chungmun first.

The bike ride home at 3:30AM was absolutely thrilling. The night/morning was so peaceful, quiet, and the crisp scent of spring still lingered in the air. A light breeze tossed blossoms and bushes about. Everything fit perfectly in a moment. So glad Callie, Ryan, and I got to experience it together.

Thanks for the good times, friends! Both of you will be missed.


  1. So how many fluffy creatures rode home with you last night, freed by the claw?

    1. HAHA! Joy, I gave the winnings away to my new friends.


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