Instead of “marrying the night” as intended, I ditched dancing with friends to eat Burger King with a Polish man from Norway at 1AM. Wouldn’t you? The original plan was to party after Lady Gaga’s concert; however, sometimes in life you’re handed a Whopper. Always take the Whopper.

It’s been fun to try new hostels in Seoul. Blu Guesthouse is a bit off the main drag of Hongdae, but still within walking distance, and definitely worth the few extra steps. Friendly staff. Affordable. And breakfast included—with real, brewed coffee.

I stumbled into my eight-bed room just before 1AM. It was empty except for one other person’s belongings. After settling in a bit, I started to get ready to go back out. That’s when Piotr walked in, clutching a Burger King bag in his hand. It was love at first sight. 

“Something told me to get three,” he said, handing me a Whopper. 

My body had already gone into survival mode since I hadn’t eaten for an hour. The burger seemed more like a top sirloin, not some cheap meat patty. I shoved it in my face as we chatted. It was all so delicious. 

We talked about our journeys, and what led us to the point of sharing Burger King in some random hostel room of Seoul, South Korea, at 1AM. 

Piotr was delighted to have someone else in the room. He currently studies sculpting in the middle-of-nowhere, and came to Seoul to reconnect with his social life. But, for the past few nights he’d been alone. That’s why our meeting was destiny. Cue my talking skills.

Sometimes in life you’re handed a Whopper. Always take the Whopper. Well, unless it’s from some really creepy person in a dark alley. Then don't. It's okay when you’re in a room with a random Polish man from Norway, however.
The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway. - Henry Boye 
Everything about tonight felt right. I was where I was supposed to be. I live for such connections!