A Korean student enjoying Sports Day in South Korea.

I had the biggest breakthrough with one of my students this morning. Allison never wants to participate in class. Today, she did. It’s amazing how much a little one-on-one time helps. These experiences are what make teaching so worth it.

Allison usually goes out of her way to disconnect, as she's kind of the "bullied" student in class. I remember a particularly upsetting experience last semester, in which I realized she was being bullied in front of me.

I've kept my eye on her, and have been trying to get Allison to be a part of activities ever since. She usually refuses to do anything, and just sits and watches. I don't know what changed today, but she did such a good job.

I really miss getting to work with smaller class sizes. By now you’re probably aware I teach hundreds of children. Each class has about 40 students. Perhaps this 'breakthrough' would have happened earlier, if I had more of a chance to simply sit and work with individual students.

It made my day/life to see Allison get so involved. These experiences are what make teaching so worth it. I don’t know if she’ll continue to open up, or if she’ll go right back into her “shell of comfort” next week. My only hope is to personally connect with her again.


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  1. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Seeing the word "breakthrough" when referring to a student is always so uplifting to read. I commend you for reaching out to Allison even with the vast number of students under your wing. Whether she continues to move forward or reverts into her shell at moments, know that you are making a positive difference in her life. The BIG thing is that you have witnessed one major breakthrough with her thus far. And going back to your quote, "These experiences are what make teaching so worth it." SO TRUE!!


    1. Lisa, your comment filled with encouragement meant so much to me. Thank you. Allison has since graduated from my elementary school, so I can only continue to hope for the best for her.


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