Do you ever think about how you might not be living up to your potential? It doesn't mean you’re unsatisfied, or unhappy with what currently surrounds you. At least it doesn’t for me. It just means there may be something else, something more I could or should be doing. That’s how I’ve felt today.

After school I just sat in my classroom, and stared at the empty tables. The room was quite a mess with chairs haphazardly put away, bits of paper strewn about, and a cupboard door hanging from its hinges. A light breeze calmed my thoughts. I felt so thankful, so grateful for this opportunity I’ve had to teach here.

Even though I know I’m where I’m supposed to be (for now), dreams of something bigger still make it difficult to focus some days. I don’t really know what my something bigger is, and I don't exactly know how I’m supposed to get there. It’s just an overwhelming sensation I get sometimes. There’s something more. Do you know what I mean?

All it usually takes is a simple, “Good morning, 'Chase Teacher'!” to bring me back to reality. This afternoon it was, “Goodbye, Teacher. See you tomorrow, Teacher!” that snapped me out of daydreaming.

I can’t help but smile whenever a student calls me "Chase Teacher". It says a lot. To know I have an important role in someone's life is incredible. It’s huge. But, is it enough? What if there's something more I could or should be doing?