Listen here crabby old woman on Seoul Metro. We may have been a bit loud. But, can you blame us? Singing Disney songs with friends gets a little exciting. And by 'a little' I mean "really".

It definitely wasn't necessary to cause such a scene shushing us with your violent hand gestures. We understood what you wanted us to do the first time. Repeating your ridiculous miming three times was a waste of energy. We're English teachers in Korea. Our survival requires acting out about everything.

I've been very respectful of your culture, of your people, of your customs, traditions and norms. I love your country. However, no one tells me to stop belting, Part of Your World.

I understand because we're guests here, we ought to abide by your rules. But, if our paths ever cross again, expect to get your own public noraebang (karaoke) session. I've been brushing up on my Disney lyrics. Watch out!


  1. Anonymous7:25 AM

    <3 Sing it loud and sing it proud!


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