Rice and beans as part of a traditional Korean meal in Cheongju, South Korea.

I really appreciate any chance I get to spend time with my co-teachers out of school. It has become even more important since we found out “Cat Teacher” will be leaving us in about a month to start teaching at an international school in Taiwan. I’m so excited for her next adventure, but will miss her dearly. All of us will.

It’s amazing how close we’ve become over the past few months. I didn’t fully realize it until ‘Cat Teacher’ and I spent an afternoon together trying to renew my Visa at the immigration office in Cheongju. It was a failed attempt to extend, but a successful bonding time between us. Some of what we shared will likely connect us for life. That’s special.

A variety of Korean food served in bronzeware during a traditional Korean meal in Cheongju, South Korea.
A traditional Korean meal served in bangja (bronzeware). July, 2012. 
“Share time means to have the same memories,” ‘Cat Teacher’ said at our traditional Korean dinner this evening. She was referring to the importance of spending together.

We went onto reminisce about the times we’ve shared. That’s one thing my co-teachers have always been really good about. Making sure we spend time together, even when we’re all so busy. I’ll cherish the memories we’ve made as a result.

Green tea patbingsu with red beans in Cheongju, South Korea.
Patbingsu with my co-teachers in Cheongju, Korea. July, 2012.

These are women I can share about anything with. They understand. They get it. One moment we’ll be making fun of ajummas (elderly Korean women), and the next we’ll be discussing motherhood. It’s incredible. We know each other so well.

"Through your photography I get to see what your eyes want to see..."

Even though English is ‘Cat Teacher’s’ third language, she was able to articulate why I love photography so much, even better than I could’ve said myself. Our chat this evening got me really excited to pursue it again.

On the way home, another one of my co-teachers commented on how close she felt to all of us, and how she didn’t realize it until tonight. It was a wonderful evening. We’ll get one more chance to go out together before ‘Cat Teacher’ leaves.