Memories from a year in South Korea on the wall of an apartment.

One year ago, today, I hopped on a plane to start a new chapter of my life in Korea. I still think it was the best decision I've ever made, and the story hasn’t ended yet.

This week I covered an entire wall in my apartment with pieces of the past twelve months. Looking at the finished project brings back memories of a very fulfilling year.

Small mementos from people and places—some near, others now distant—remind me of all the ups and downs, joy and sorrow a year of life may bring.

Cup sleeves. Business cards. Notes and drawings from students. Letters. Ticket stubs. Photos of friends and family.

One year from today I hope to look back with a grateful heart, in awe of the wonderful opportunity this has been. And I’m going to have to move into a bigger apartment, one with more wall space, if I plan to stay a third year.