I think themes are important in life, and I’m thrilled to announce the arrival of my newest one. Let go. Less is more. My entire life, core concepts of my being, and an ongoing struggle to let go and live with less has inspired it.

It has taken months to come to this well-known; yet, profound realization. Let go. Less is more. Actually, I should say it has taken months to finally act upon a revelation that has always been there. I just can't deny it any longer.

Part of growing up is letting go of some plans and dreams, a few failures and relationships, and various other things you once thought mattered. And I've got a lot to let go of, so it'll take some time.

My life has been quite full, and I feel abundantly blessed for that. I just can't do or be everything I once thought I could do and be. That's okay.

What’s your theme? Don’t know? Find one. Go with it. Live by it. Let everything else go, and make room for bigger and better things to come.