Today was the day. Students prepared nearly two weeks for this event. School performances in the States don’t even come close to comparing to school concerts in Korea. Let’s just say Koreans go all out.

Something I usually appreciate about these sort of functions is the chance to meet parents. However, today I spilled coffee all over my pants right before, so I wasn’t very excited to be seen.

My co-teachers were tasked with photocopying and distributing programs. For some reason they only printed a few. We ended up having to run back and forth between photocopiers and printers for about an hour, as people kept coming. I don’t think the school expected to have such a big turnout.

There were hundreds of proud parents and community supporters present. Apart from a few sound glitches, and a wait on programs, everything went really well. Nobody noticed my coffee stains either. At least I don’t think they did.

School festivals in Korea get about every student involved. This year my students put on a fantastic show. Each class came up with something fun to share. Some sang, others did skits, a few played musical instruments, but my favorite was a choreographed jump rope routine. 


JOIN CHASE: Jump Roping