“Yoon Teacher” had a baby! I’ve never been so close to someone who was going to have, and then had a baby. Of course many of my friends have had babies. I even have three nephews. But, I’ve never actually been around to experience it all happening so intimately as I have with one of my co-teachers.

Just a few days before the baby was born we were talking about her thoughts on having a baby. 'Yoon Teacher' was still at school on Friday, and then gave birth the following Monday. Crazy!

At that time she seemed to be feeling a little anxious. I kept trying to remind her how exciting it is to have a baby. She agreed, of course. But, the thought of having a baby must be completely overwhelming. I can’t imagine. My biggest concern is what I’m going to eat next. A little different than knowing you’re suddenly going to have a child you’ll need to care for the rest of your life.

Since 'Yoon Teacher' had her baby shortly before the semester ended, I didn’t have to teach the classes we were supposed to co-teach together. What a blessing in disguise. I was in desperate need of a little break. It came in the form of a baby, and in more ways than one.

Today I was feeling unfocused and in a bad mood. Classes just ended yesterday. I start three weeks of English camp tomorrow. There’s still so much to do! Everything changed after attending a staff lunch, however. I had a wonderful time with fellow teachers, and many of us decided to visit 'Yoon Teacher' to see her baby for the first time.

'Yoon Teacher' is staying at a special hospital along with several other new mothers. There were about a dozen babies on display. I’ve never seen so many newborn babies at the same time. I had thoughts of snatching one and running, as I’ve always wanted a Korean baby. I think they're the cutest.

At one point nine Korean women talking about breastfeeding and other womanly things surrounded me. It was quite awkward. But, the best part was meeting 'Yoon Teacher's' baby. He was so tiny, and absolutely beautiful. A nurse held him up for us to see. He wiggled a bit, and just barely opened his eyes. I loved watching all the other teachers huddle around him for a peek.

After seeing 'Yoon Teacher's' baby, nothing else seemed to matter anymore. I forgot about all the other stuff on my mind, and was reminded how incredible life truly is. All it took was a baby to change my perspective. I’m so thankful to get to be “Uncle Chase” to a Korean child as well. That’s how 'Yoon Teacher' introduced me to him. My life continues to be enriched and blessed by this opportunity.


  1. chris5:31 AM

    Unlce Chase, what a special time it has bEen for you! Nice piece!!!

    1. Thank you, Chris! It has definitely been a very special time.


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