Today, the first co-teacher I had in Korea asked me to help her with materials for an upcoming English camp she’ll be teaching. She’s no longer my co-teacher, but she’s still at my school as a second grade teacher. We’ve maintained a good relationship, although we rarely see each other anymore. The school is too massive, and we’re both so busy.

I was thrilled she asked, as I’ve put together an abundance of materials from previous English camps and after school classes, as well as what I’m doing for this year’s winter camp. She shouldn’t have to prepare anything with the amount of stuff I’m able to provide. It was a spur of the moment decision for her to facilitate an English camp, so she doesn’t have much time to plan.

This is the first time I’ve felt like I’m truly giving back, like I’m actually helping instead of being the one always helped. Although all my co-teachers have been fantastic, she’ll always be my first. She helped me settle in Korea, and for that I'm forever indebted. It feels good to help, especially when the person you help has been so helpful. Like my former co-teacher—the helper now helped.


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