A hearty breakfast made by Janna in Seoul, South Korea.

One of the best parts about living abroad is meeting incredible people. I’ve made some awesome connections in South Korea, adding to an impressive list of friends I’ve met all over the world.

Something I appreciated at the beginning of my experience was attending an orientation where I made many of the closest friends I have in Korea. Janna and I bonded right away. We were in the same small group during training, and I’m so glad for it.

Even though we’ve only seen each other a few times since orientation, we’ve kept in touch. She’s a creative inspiration, a kindred spirit, and someone I don’t want to lose track of. I admire her lifestyle. She has the best hair. And she’s vegetarian.

Janna moved to Seoul a few months ago to work at an international school. Her move to Seoul came with the potential to see each other more often, and with the promise of a place to crash if I needed.

With only a few days notice, I asked Janna if I could stay with her this past weekend. Even though her schedule was packed (she manages a tight social calendar), she was more than willing to accommodate my Korean friend, Howl, and me.

We headed to Seoul to celebrate Ryan’s birthday. Ryan is another great friend I’ve made here, and someone who has been a part of many of my Seoul adventures. The dramatic trips at least.

Walking in Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea.
PHOTO BY JANNA. Walking with Janna in Itaewon.
Although I had such a good time for his birthday, save when some drunk Korean woman poured beer all over me on the dance floor, spending time with Janna was the highlight of the weekend.

It was so good to catch up over tacos, and chat about life and what’s ahead over coffee and banana bread on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday morning we laughed at the ridiculousness of our current situations over a hearty breakfast she made for us. So good!

Janna has such a wonderful heart. It makes me even more excited to move to Seoul next year. I hope to live near her, as the neighborhood she lives in is perfect. Seoul has so many hidden treasures. Even though she lives in the heart of the megacity, her street is quaint and quiet.

Janna reminded me to be thankful for what I have no matter what. It’s been a rough few weeks, and sometimes when there are too many distractions, it makes it difficult to recognize the good and beauty in everything. I’m glad all it took was a friend to help me see it again.


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