It’s okay to drink too much cheap wine and sing karaoke on a school night when you don’t actually have to teach the next day. You’ll be fine even if you do have to teach. It might just be what you need. At least that was the case for me last night. I just needed a fun break, a chance to let go and love life with friends.

For some reason a friend and I thought it would be a really good idea to drink a bottle of wine outside Homeplus in Cheongju before attending an evening meeting. That bottle of wine and meeting pair turned out to be a pretty good idea! After the meeting we went out for dinner with a group of other teachers. Everyone had wine, and more wine turned into karaoke.

My friend, Linh, slipped and fell on the way to karaoke, but that didn’t discourage us one bit. In fact, a few of us ran to get more cheap wine at Homeplus, as the others got a room at the karaoke place.

Karaoke was a blast! At one point I realized I was surrounded by a very diverse group of people from all over the world. Two were from South Africa. One was from Scotland. A Vietnamese American, as well as a Korean American was also there. Then me. Singing Backstreet Boys bonded us for life.

We all know too much wine may also lead to bad decisions. Linh and I decided to eat at McDonald’s before getting a taxi home. Then Linh fell on the ice. Again. She was the only faller all night. That’s pretty impressive when the potential to slip on sidewalks in Korea—even when sober—is so high. Koreans don’t seem to believe in methods of deicing. And that’s unfortunate for people prone to falling like Linh.

I just needed a fun break, a chance to let go and love life with friends. And that’s exactly what I got last night. A bottle or three of cheap wine, good friends, karaoke, and McDonald’s food at midnight is the perfect combo to cheer me up. Even on a school night.


  1. There's no better way to bond for life than over Backstreet Boys. Except maybe over N*Sync.

    1. Just another reason why we were destined to be friends. :)


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