A jumble of antique fun at Seoul Folk Flea Market in Seoul, South Korea.

I really enjoy going to antique shops and flea markets. Even as a kid I loved them. My mom would take me with her oftentimes. It was so fun to hunt for little treasures in every store. I have very fond memories of antiquing with my mother. It is something I continue to do, even while living abroad.

Korea does not seem to have many thrift stores to dig through; however, there are more than I once thought. Recently, I learned about several knickknacky markets to check out—mainly in Seoul. This afternoon I explored Seoul Folk Flea Market, and had a wonderful time with friends.

Vintage goodies displayed at Seoul Folk Flea Market.
Vintage goodies at Seoul Folk Flea Market.
Located in Sinseol-dong, not far from Sinseol-dong Station (Line 1) on Seoul Metro, Seoul Folk Flea Market is definitely a “must-see destination” for tourists. It has apparently gone through many changes since it began in 2008. The goal is for it to become a place both foreigners and locals can enjoy an afternoon filled with cultural experiences.

Once inside you will become part of an organized jumble of used merchandise, traditional handicrafts, new and secondhand clothing, as well as antiques. The place is huge, and spills out onto streets nearby. Even on the blusteriest of winter days, many vendors still display their loot to sell outside. We spent most of our time inside; however, rummaging through aisles of vintage goodness.

My find for the day was an old wooden jewelry box adorned with ornate, traditional-looking metal. I absolutely love it, and look forward to collecting more pieces of Korean history as I live here. Korea has a very rich cultural heritage. Plenty of beautiful artifacts can be found at places such as Seoul Folk Flea Market. Check it out!


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